2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

New strategies for novice to make money

04/08/2013 PM

  Previous maintenance NC limits the number of items sold NPC per day, caused a large number of game studios to goods can’t sell, so the opportunity come, we can in the auction house to buy items at a lower price, then sell to NPC.

  1. The number of items limit per day is 3500, regardless of species.

  2. Daily at 05:00 am restore sales restrictions.

  3. Auction is much cheaper than the NPC because items every day is more than 3500, the rest of the two choices, one is discarded, the second is the low price auction.

  4. Careful look for larger profit items, tip: sound temple and eastern qing TianMeng two copies of the small drops, and powder of the trigrams.

  5. Find out the objects of maximum profit, the auction house to buy back 3000, sell to NPC, leave 500 for sell yourself.

  3 minutes, 7-8 blade & soul gold profits is pretty easy, just as a daily task. Don’t know whether this way can be useful to you.

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