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04/10/2013 PM

  It is very pleasant that we have a Korean player here, will talk about the recent situation of Korea server and wonderful photo blog of Blade and Soul. As you know, English is not Korean’s mother tongue. He still tried his best to answer our question in English.

  The most popular class is Blade Master because of the good control and wonderful combo. Blade Master is also the very popular class to team up for an instance. Lyn race is the most popular race.

  Recently players’ complaining is increasing. One is for the lack of game content. Players are expecting new regions. Another is about that NCsoft has less consideration for new players, fixing fatal bug not in time, as well as no punishment for who destroy the market prices of items in game. Gems and materials for enhancing which buy from NPCs are referred to the in-game market. Gold transaction is allowed between players in the game.

  Many sites on the internet are selling tradable items for cash. Weapons are not allowed traded. As to the Legendary Weapon, the trade refers to “Black Dragon Box”, one of the important items, as well as other materials for crafting the Legendary Weapon.

  To buy cheap blade & soul gold, you do not have to hesitate any more, just store up blade & soul gold, we won’t let you down.

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