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Blade and Soul UP conference will release mysterious micro movie

04/10/2013 PM

  Recently, from tencent games inner sole, 2013 as the Blade and Soul the most important year of promotion, established on April 18, appearance UP + tencent games 2013 annual conference, South Korea NCsoft and tencent game executives will attend.

  According to the internal, Blade and Soul in addition to results in private beta updates, NCsoft and tencent games also secret the first official micro movie, this website also got the exclusive pictures of the micro movie.

  According to introduction, through five story first micro movie clips, tells the story of the player in the eyes of Blade and Soul, and also show the kind fight, expressed the players love for Blade and Soul. And official invites Chinese and South Korean star, but the specific content and star lineup is unknown.

  Reported that authorities have to repair system, chat system, the auction house system is optimized, and will open new team voice, and these have sparked heated debate by the player.

  Are you look forward to the game, no need to wait for too long time, we are sure that it will be on market very soon. If you want to take a place at the ranking list, you’d better buy Blade and Soul gold to improve you equipments and items.

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