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Blade and Soul Bai Qing mountains is opening soon

04/11/2013 AM

  Today, Blade and Soul official website formally exposure Bai Qing mountains, although only one big picture, but the good news that the expansion is open still make players exciting.

  After more than half a year of waiting, Blade and Soul new expansion finally going to meet with the player. Now there are in total chapter 3 in Blade and Soul story line, according to the fact that this Bai Qing mountains will be plot of chapter 4, mainly revolves around Qin Yijue unique background story, players will learn in chapter 4 of the past story of Qin Yijue, which must contain the the past story of four unique all over the world, so it is worth waiting. As to new levels, new copy, new skills, these do need not say, certainly will have.

  According to the situation that Bai Qing mountains most likely open in June. First June is a anniversary for Blade and Soul public beta, second players’ half a year card in June expires, then cooperate with operation, make a show for Blade and Soul.

  What are you waiting for, hurry to buy blade soul gold, to get more powerful weapons, more suitable trigrams sets.

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