2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Swordsman of level 25 speed brush sand hole tutorial

04/11/2013 AM

  First pay attention to choose the route and monsters location.

  15000 dodge energy has been run out, don’t be hit by monsters. Since we started to walk and energy value back to several thousand, monsters don’t touch, don’t have to run any more, just to walk to the monster site. Run again, monsters drag too long, inefficient and dangerous. At the killing monsters place, can let the strange not to spread out on either side, concentrated in the front.

  First press 1 block. When the monster rush up behind, press 3 to put then down, then according to the four flash point, immediately press the F to shine out.

  Here with a shining out is the key. When monsters to up at this moment, you haven’t go out, what waits for you is knock down by the force monsters. Out to turn and draw out a sword, continue to output. Other small monsters is not afraid, the key is to seize the force monster attack direction, for it can make you fall on the ground, and attacks, several axe chopping down together, you will die. How to avoid, figure out yourself.

  Talent as long as the first line of the flash chop and flash point once will be ok. Others do not effect here. Using the monstes fall on the ground after the flash point there is damage to kill the monster beheaded and a flash.

  Good equipment with high crit, basically a flash go out, turned and pulled out two knife will clear up all monseres.

  To buy the good equipments, you’d better take some Blade soul gold for it. To forge or to get form boss drop really need some time.

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