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A new job will add in the new version

04/15/2013 AM

  Blade and Soul gunner will come on stage.

  Today in Blade and Soul official website, update two original paintings. Although these two original paintings are good, but we can find some special points.

  The character model in the original painting is Lyn or Kun. The focus is on model’s hands, the weapon being grasped! This is obviously a gun or a spear modelling. There is no such a professional in Blade and Soul now. Contact with the Bai Qing mountains hot discussed all these several days, it seems not that difficult to imagine.

  When Blade and Soul update the Bai Qing mountains, will add a complete new career at the same time: gunner.

  This one there is nothing surprising, perhaps, this is just a joke, but still in touch with Bai Qing mountains, feeling that it should be a plot of NPC, the NPC will also come on stage in the new expansion.

  Do you want to have a try on the new career? I recommend you to buy some Blade Soul gold  first, without Blade soul gold you can seldom catch up with other players.

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