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Blade and Soul jousting tournament April new ranking list

04/15/2013 PM

  The Blade and Soul, the new season begins, and the integral reset again, you need to climb from 1500 again.

  First of all the 1 v1, 1 v1 at the start of new season, the PK strength professionals still strong, swordsman, kungfu master in the 1 v1 as always still low.

  Because this week is a new start of the season, the assassin climbing speed a bit slow, as can be seen from the play game, war times less, believe that after this week, next week and will be the world of assassin.

  For now, the top 10 spirit swordsman occupying the most seats, 10-20 assassins inside is more, these two career still occupied more than half the number, the other professional distribution more uniform.

  In addition, last week Blade and Soul open lucky chests to extract the black dragon decorative boxes, legend weapons of prices plummet, believe that can cause considerable influence contrast pattern of percussion instruments in Chinese operas, a legendary weapon can indeed bring of great help for PK.

  So if you want to take a place in the list, a good equipment is really important, if you are in need of Blade and Soul gold to buy one, you can refer to us for help.

  From the total score, the first only 2100 points, the season begins only a few days, so the score won’t be too high, and the events are not that many.

  In the top 20, boxer is the first, total 3 people.

  Summoners is the second, the total number of only 1 person.

  Spirit swordsman is the third, the total number of eight people.

  The assassin the best is rank 6, total 5 people.

  To the force master best achievement is 10, total 3 people.

  Swordsman, kungfu master is not into the top 20.

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