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3v3 jousting tournament ranking list in April

04/15/2013 PM

  3 v3 is always more complicated than the 1 v1, the advantages and disadvantages of professional in a dogfight is not clearly, can say no matter what career has way out in 3 v3, tactics are also very important.

  To the team, there are relatively strong professionals, like force master, swordsman, summoner, spirit swordsman, other professional according to teammates can integrate a team very good.

  These three careers are in 3 v3 mode, the main occupation of 20 professional, team competition is sharp team configuration so it can be seen that generally has the three professional one.

  Inside the top 20, force master is very sharp, occupy the first, second, total 3 people.

  Summoners is the third, total 5 people.

  Spirit swordsman ranking the fourth and fifth, total 5 people.

  Boxer the best is 8, the total number is 6 people.

  The best assassin rank the 16th and only 1 person.

  Swordsman, kungfu master just like in 1 v1 mode, no great players into the top 20.

  Maybe swordsman should hurry to buy some Blade and Soul gold to get the legendary weapons, otherwise, how to catch up with other careers.

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