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Updates of the converging hint system in Blade and Soul

04/16/2013 AM

  Converging attack is a feature of Blade and Soul, which is also in other unable to experience the game play of BOSS.

  But in the last two tests, we find that many players are not able to very good to enjoy the fun of converging attack, in order to facilitate the player responds to a converging attack in a short time operation, solve the new timing for the converging and play ambiguous problem.

  BOSS abnormal state:

  In previous versions, BOSS is hit by control skills, with a variety of colors of the ghosting and voice prompt.

  But the prompt will be difficult to identify when fighting scenes of chaos, at the same time can also cause obstacles for part of color-blind players. So we strengthened the converging attack on the blood of the BOSS of the tip, and the negative status of the caption.

  Intelligent push converging attack skills:

  If your current target state with negative resistance, and it’s now get a control skills, so this time, the system will automatically for you to match the current abilities that can be used to complete the converging attack, and in the middle of the screen to display a large number of icons to prompt.

  And cooling system can also be intelligent judgment you skills, energy, attitude and so on conditions, that is to say, only when you are all of the conditions of release time, skills, and will push for you.

  Make good use of the converging system, cooperate with top weapon, I’m sure, any BOSS is easy for you to deal with, but if you are lack of Blade and Soul gold, never mind, we will help you to get some with the cheapest price.

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