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A key converging cooperation in Blade and Soul

04/16/2013 PM

  Trigger the converging system will push you can match the skills of the current.

  While no matter what skills system push, you can according to the fixed one of the keys to release which you can set up yourself, according to the habits of a key converging attack, more simple and accurate.

  To be simple, that is you can use shift key combination to a converging attack, only the team players to receive. And only captain have permission to use this feature.

  Take swordsman as an example:

  Captain by [3] release under the section cut: BOSS appear green ghosting effect, players don’t have the converging hint, need according to their own judgment to match.

  Captain under the press release [Shift + 3] section cut: BOSS appear green ghosting effect, all the crew of the converging attack, launched a ground state and the system will be according to the state of the team to push the converging attack skills.

  The main difference is that the former has no limit, no matter by any means to trigger the converging attack tip; while the latter is more inclined to let the captain to command the converging attack coordination and rhythm.

  If you want to release the complete power of converging attack, you can buy some Blade soul gold to get the suitable items to cooperate.

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