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Blade and Soul take advantage of bug to make money

04/16/2013 PM

  On April 3, open lucky box, players only need to spend 500 can one. This box can open legend weapons need black dragon decorative boxes, had already done reports, causes the box prices plummet, before yesterday fell to 7000 gold, not open before this activity, most players in the market price is around 70000 gold.

  The truth about this BUG, according to reports coming from the players say when opening the box uses some methods about 100% can be open to the black dragon decoration box, so in April 3 to April 15, in just 12 days, this player by selling the black dragon box made of more than 2000 Korean won.

  According to reports coming from the players, the technique is roughly as follows: first of all is flash box is obtained by ordinary box open, because the flash box may appear black dragon decoration box and punching material such as props, if a material is usually 2, open the black dragon decoration box is one, so when the flash box to use this BUG at the instant of the opening box to get the parcel only 1 case, if it is the black dragon case and then open box is successful, if it is not open cases failed, because the parcel not enough space.

  Of course, this is share of players, is really the case is unclear, don’t take it seriously. In fact, this kind of speculation, really not recommend players to do, if you are in need of blade & soul gold, you can buy from us directly, which won’t cost you too much.

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