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How to modify role appearance in Blade and Soul

04/17/2013 AM

  After choose the race, occupation, gender, then you can modify the shape of your characters. If you are not interested in modifying role, you can choose your favorite character in the default appearance.

  If you want to take some detailed settings, you can modify to the eyes, nose, mouth, face, chin, wrinkles and others, create your dream role.

  There are basic and modified face, you adjust facial details, body details, etc all kinds of projects, please don’t miss the opportunity, be sure to create your favourite role.

  There are also content that players can set in the basic labels, you can take a closer look at each project, then make a detailed custom settings. In setting up detailed settings click the preset shape, under the condition of the contents of the set before will all disappear. This is quite important, you should pay attention to it.

  Click on random button, can set randomly selections. Click random button in the detailed settings TAB, you can get more diverse shapes.

  No two leaves are identical in the world, so do in Blade and Soul, there are no two characters are identical. If you want your character to be more unique, you can buy some Blade soul gold to get some unique skin or fashions.

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