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Game introduction of character creation

04/17/2013 PM

  You can choose the professions and races, modified character shape, create your own role. The servers are free to choose, but character can not move between servers, so if you want to play with friends, you’d better make sure the server first.

  1.Choose race and profession. A total of four races, 6 kinds of professions. Human, dragon, eldar and god four races, each race can choose different professional, a total of 6 kinds of professions. Refer to the relevant professional and ethnic characteristics and degree of difficulty, according to your own game styles, choose corresponding race.

  2. Modified role appearance: to this point, here will not take a detail introduction, you can refer to How to modify role appearance in Blade and Soul.

  3. Select the server and then name your character. Select the server, enter the name and then click the confirm, role has been created! After finishing the role profile settings, select the server, determine the role name, can create a character.

  4. Start the game. Select the generate role, click start the game!

  Now you see how to create a character. At the beginning of the game, if you want to play easier, you’d better buy some blade & soul gold first, so that you won’t fall too far behind others.

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