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Pros and Cons of Blade & Soul

12/07/2015 AM

With the newly releasing of Blade and Soul, I have tried this game again. I want to share some advantages and weak points. If you want to try this game, just have a look and share your comments.

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1. Graphics are quite amazing
I think the graphics of Blade and Soul is one of the best graphics among all mmorpgs. Also, it is so good and hardly lags on my computer. I have played so many MMOs before, sometimes I need to lower the setting s to cater to their graphics as to make the same lag.

2.The character customization has various selections
The character customization of BNS is quite of my appetite as there are so many selections that makes me hard to choose. Since playing this game, I love to make characters and make various of them as well.

3.The combat and traveling skills is amazing.
The combat is quite good and I love the combos, the action and the strategy. I like action and I will not play a game if I have to stand there and shoot type game. Compared to TERA, the combat system is much more action.

The traveling skills has dragon, glide, steam and dash, etc. Compared to other MMOs, players don’t need mounts and I love the parkour scenes very much.

4.the NPCs have personalities.
The NPCs in Blade & Soul have personalities and they actually talk, which makes me have appetite to reading the quests, which I barely do in other mmos. In addition, it looks more adventurous.

5.the purple quests can teach players how to play your class.
There are purple quests in Blade & Soul to teach players how to play class. Most of the MMORPGs don’t do this and many players don’t know how to play their class till the end of the game, which makes me frustrated to party with them. Nevertheless, they go away afterlin level 12-13.

6.The power leveling is appropriate
Leveling up in Blade and Soul is not too hard or too easy so far, which makes players want to keep playing and don’t feel bored.

1.A specific item is needed for a simple task.
If you want to open a weapon, you may need charm. It makes me frustrated that I usually miss the item to do the action and I have to Buy Blade and Soul Gold to get it.
2.It is difficult to know how to enhance weapons.
Usually, I don’t whether I just get new weapons or just keep leveling up that weapon. I just hope there are officially guides to show how to do this.

3.It is hard to find a party for a dungeon
I spent hours to figuring out the LFG system and still don’t know how to make full use of it. And it is a headache to know how to use the marketplace.

4.It is hard to choose a crafting category.
Since this, I have spent many days to learn the crafting, and still don’t fully learned weill. It was so complicated choose a crafting category.

5.It is too expensive to pay for 7 seven character slots.
At the beginning of the game, players are only given to 2 character slots, and if you want more, you have to use Blade & Blade & Soul Gold to buy. It is really expensive.

6.It is hard to get all items for a simple task.
In Blade and Soul, there are some simple tasks, however, they need items which may not be bought from cash shop, which takes a lot of time!

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