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Blade & Soul Dungeon Guide

12/08/2015 PM
This is a guide for Blade & Soul Dungeons. You can group up for challenging instanced content in game. You will be sent in to defeat a dungeon’s denizens from daily challenges, normal quests or a desire to get a rare element needed to improve your weapons’ power. Each dungeon in Blade & Soul is categorized by their overall difficulty like normal, challenging and heroic, which indicate how ell you have prepared and your group should be before entering.

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Standard 6-player dungeons offer a straightforward challenge for any group, but also allow for any number of players to enter. It is possible to complete a Normal or Challenging dungeon with fewer than 6 players’ party. Normally, a Heroic dungeon need a full party to complete.

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There are some max-level 4-player versions of some dungeons, which are more difficult mode and can only be gotten access by setting party to 4-player mode. Except for fewer players and increased difficulty, bosses can do more damage, have new mechanics which you can’t see in the normal 6-player version and have more health. In this mode, most indicators for enemy attacks are removed and it doesn’t allow players to resurrect using Dragonblood. However, it offers more chances for getting rare items and it contains some items which can’t be acquired from the normal mode.

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You can use the same-server Party Finder or just press ‘F7’ or through the Dragon Pillar in front of the dungeon entrance to know the players which player version they are in. Press ‘F8’ and you can jump into the Cross-sever Dungeon system. And then you will be taken into a new lobby where your character is shown among all your other party members. Any member of other people allows you to join. And you can use it to fill out any remaining slots. You can choose either 4 or 6 players to tackle. The system will automatically find other players within your region to the specific dungeon. You won’t leave the cross-server Dungeon lobby unless your group is formed. Then you will get full access to your server chat and the Party Finder.

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Part II

Classes in Blade and soul has abilities to avoid damage, injure enemies and recover health. Success is up to each player’s personal ability to use the classes’ skills to their full potential rather than choose a specific role.

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In general, traversing a dungeon include swathes of standard enemies and you need to defeat to encounter a boss. The boss will unique mechanics to test the cooperation and coordination of the group. You can see warnings-telegraphs in the standard 6-player version of a dungeon.

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When you see yellow telegraph, it meas the ability can be countered or blocked, and a red telegraph meas the ability can pierce skill-based defense, so you should get out of you way.

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After defeating a boss, you can get the rewards of the gear and items they dropped. The items can be bid in a group. Every player in the group can bid for an item. Once an item is won by a member in the party, the amount of Blade & Soul Gold is stable among other group members. If no one bids, the item will be destroyed. In some cases, even if you don’t win the bid for a certain item, you can get a portion of their gold to improve your bidding power on items in the future.

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