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Blade & Soul Destroyer Skill Build Guide

12/09/2015 AM
After leveling, it is a hard question to choose skills. With the more and more difficult dungeons and quests, learning some skills is of great importance. Below is the list that I figure out for Destroyers. If you want to buy Blade and Soul Gold, BladeSoulOnline.net can provides huge stock Blade & Soul gold.

1. To quickly decrease your opponents’ HP, you should train Clash and Grab. And before devastating attacks by enemies, use the Trample to end the battle.

2.When your enemies in Grab state, you can use Headbutt to deal damage to your target as it can down them in the progress. Also try to use Axe Toss to deal damage to both the monsters and the target after downing if there are monsters.

3.If you fail to cast another skill after Grab, the Target of Grab will be out of control.

4.In order to move close to ranged opponent quickly, use Cast Iron Cannon and then employ Axe Toss in Grab state.

5. Grab of destroyer is only be available to humanoid opponents. As it is ineffective to monsters enemies, it becomes a little difficult to counter them.

For more choices made in combat, you should pay attention to use of disables. Landing consecutively skills are quite useful in Blade Soul.

Hope this guide can be helpful for Destroyers!

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