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Blade & Soul Pressure Point Guide

12/15/2015 AM
This guide is to get some extra insight in what I know as the skill 'pressure point' . Pressure Point is supposed to be one of the most vital skills later on, but also one of the most obscure skill.

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Pressure Point is sort of one-way stackable and unblockable skill. IF you failed to maintain it, you failed till cool down off again.

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You trigger it by dodging using iframe skills and also from X itself.
iframe skills are Q/E/3/SS/C/Z

Up to 4th stage - it always ignore def

Each stage give you 10 seconds duration each time you successful trigger it.
But effects ? Stack up to 4th stage, which 4th stage gives you the most important buff , +100% crit rate. At 1st/2nd/3rd only gives you crit value, not percentage, so not really noticeable. If you have 50% crit rate, yes you will 150% crit rate at 4th stage.

Downside is : Depends on the situation, some hardly to pull off especially in pvp.
You also have to DPS as fast as you can during in buff to maximize the damage in 10 seconds buff only

But as long you know mobs/bosses/enemy players patterns and knowledge each of it , its not impossible.

Really satisfying when you pull off flawlessly

For PVP version, it stun opponent.

Now in Patch 3.0, they made Pressure Point more vital by adding Searing Kick, that kick skill allow you reduce Pressure Point CD by 5 seconds each time you land Searing Kick.

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