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Blade and Soul to boxer the cramps flow not the only plus points     [2013-01-30]
Blade and Soul summoner evasive flow plus point sharing (2)     [2013-01-28]
Blade and Soul leveling experience after 20     [2013-01-28]
Blade and Soul summoner evasive flow plus point sharing (1)     [2013-01-28]
The swordsman copy plus point recommend to create a brush map machine     [2013-01-28]
The second legendary weapon of Blade and Soul come out     [2013-01-28]
Blade and Soul topped the 2012 top ten most anticipated online games     [2013-01-27]
Flexible transform gem according to different opponents     [2013-01-25]
Choice of the trigram to defense or attack     [2013-01-25]
Blade and Soul amiable summoner orientation in the copy     [2013-01-25]
Foster road summoner three point plan for you to pick     [2013-01-25]
Blade and Soul encounter strong hacking attacks need purification in urgent     [2013-01-25]
The legend grade weapons awaken production required items summarize     [2013-01-24]
PVP balance can be used to alter some PK skills     [2013-01-24]
The Blade and Soul swordsman detail experiences share     [2013-01-24]
Share of how to get the lacquer props in Blade and Soul     [2013-01-24]
Future destiny of Blade and Soul depend on everybody     [2013-01-24]
Hundred gold a day is not a dream in Blade and Soul     [2013-01-23]
The Blade and Soul new version update players can create exclusive weapons     [2013-01-23]
The senior player teach you how to quickly away from novice (2)     [2013-01-23]
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