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Some career advice for players who have never played Blade and Soul     [2013-02-16]
All hands to the name of the earth ssangse competition event guide     [2013-02-16]
Skillful pvp assassination tips in Blade and Soul     [2013-02-16]
When will Blade and Soul finally come into season     [2013-02-16]
Assassin how to deal with double boss in Blade and Soul     [2013-02-15]
Land clearing is necessare for new players     [2013-02-15]
Senior players to teach you quickly break away from novice (2)     [2013-02-15]
Senior players to teach you quickly break away from novice (1)     [2013-02-15]
Blade and Soul smelting props applicable scope     [2013-02-15]
Should Blade and Soul really forbidden for eighteen     [2013-02-14]
Blade and Soul orange weapons black dragon box task details     [2013-02-14]
Dark angel and white angel Blade and Soul Valentine gifts for players     [2013-02-14]
Friends rate group to push down fire blue     [2013-02-14]
Spirit swordsman player share you the spiral labyrinth strategy     [2013-02-14]
Occupational balance adjustment Qigong to strengthen (2)     [2013-02-05]
Occupational balance adjustment qigong to strengthen (1)     [2013-02-05]
Why must point to the second level draw a sword     [2013-02-04]
Blade and Soul Suigetsu plains elite monster black god disabilities fall collate     [2013-02-04]
Blade and Soul the moon water plains around point proficient raiders     [2013-02-04]
Blade and Soul swordsman PVE even recruit talent raiders     [2013-02-04]
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