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In Blade and Soul, keys and unsealing charms are rather rare. When you start out, you have to spend much Blade and Soul gold to buy them. If you want to earn some of them, you can get by quests, Daisy Dashes, surveys, crafting, etc. Keys are used to open locked chests which occasionally drop. As for unsealing charms, it can help to equip weapons and soul shield pieces which have been sealed. Even, sometimes, you need to use a unsealing charm and a key to get the item you want. As these items are quite rare, you should not waste them on low-level green and blue items.

Complete Blackram Narrows Dungeon 10 Times for 400 HP Boost

The first major dungeon that features multiple bosses over three parts is the Blackram Narrows 6-man dungeon at the end of Act 1. If you like, you can choose to skip this dungeon. But it is kindly recommended you complete this dungeon when you are around level 20. Most of all, once you complete it, you can get access to the 400 HP bonus attribute which you can apply in the Achievements window under Bonus attributes.

As you go on raiding the dungeon, you can gain many chances to earn all eight pieces for the fantastic Blight Soul Shield, which is a major upgrade as each purple pieces gives you 90-110 HP each. Besides, piece six gives you a whopping 340 HP. Instead of the measly 10 HP of most soul shield pieces. Though it is difficult to get all of the pieces through the boss treasure chest and the loot auction, you should try to grab all eight pieces if you can, which can be quite helpful for your second Act of the story.]]>
BNS Blade Master Parry Analysishttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/10449_108_bns-blade-master-parry-analysis_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/10449_108_bns-blade-master-parry-analysis_news.htmlAs Parry of Blade Master in Blade and Soul is quite powerful, many player think it must be a BUG. In this article I want to specifically explain Parry. If you want to be a good Blade Master in Blade and Soul, this guide is definitely useful for you!

In Blade and Soul, there are active and passive Parry. Active Parry is a skill that you can deflect enemies’ attack by pressing key “1”. It lasts for N seconds and is and is increased by N percent. It is based on parry stats of character menu. It can’t parry all the damage. There are additional parry damage when placing the mouse on the parry of character stats. If you want to buy Blade and Soul gold, BNSGoldSell can provide huge amount of Blade and Soul gold with lowest price and fastest transaction.

The premise of the stats must be white name monsters of the same level. There will be -5% bonus of parry for green name monsters, 10% bonus for gray name monsters and over -10% for red name monster. Maybe the percentage is not so accurate but level suppress does exist, which is the reason for HP consuming with active parry.

Parry mechanism:

Being attacked after parry is state of skill, so players are mobile during the animation in 0.N sec. It is obvious in successive parry. As it is quite short, single parry time is usually ignored.

Counter is a perfect parry. If you are attacked after parry, you can counter 1 time in 0.5 sec. Or you can counter successively in 0.5 sec in the talent tree. Except damge with parry immune, you should block all damage and stun enemies. You can only block the damage when it comes to boss.

Parry range:
Active parry range: the area of around 160 degree in front of the character
Passive parry range: the area of around 240 degree in front of the character. It won't appear if being attacked from the back.
Blade &Soul Kung Fu Master Experience Sharehttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/10421_108_blade-soul-kung-fu-master-experience-share_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/10421_108_blade-soul-kung-fu-master-experience-share_news.htmlBlade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multi-player online role-playing game developed by NCsoft.

Since this year October 30, NCsoft has announced five times of closed Beta testing. Each period lasts four days. This game is hoped to be released in Western territories, will be released on January 19, 2016.

I want to share my experience of Blade & Soul Kung Fu Master before the formal official version released as I started to play Blade & Soul since CBT 3.1 V1 and dungeons are my favorite. Then I collected some necessary points that beginners should know. I need more ways to earn Blade & Soul Gold.
Kung Fu Master
Q: Which class is the most powerful enemy in PVP for Kung Fu master?
A: In my opinion, the combat with Assassin is more difficult compared to Kung Fu Master though it is quite hard to encounter another Kung Fu Master in PVP. If you have played Blade & Soul before, you can know that Assassin’s attack skills are so powerful. If you get an Assassin cast Set Mine which may a huge amount of damages like 14,000 damages! When you get such powerful death attack, you may die if you don’t know how to make full use of counterattack and invincible time of mobile skill. Therefore, when fighting with Assassin, initiative is the most significant thing!

Q: What are the details about Skill Point error happened after 4 consecutive wins?

A: At the start point, I think I used the skill point method in PVE, and I kept fighting for as I believed myself and the result was great. However, I was defeated. Then I changed my mind and reset my talents but the error happened at this time. My Force Punch didn’t get enhanced and the Force Punch combo is unable to be used, which made me failed.

Blade & Soul Gold

I have to say there seems to be some problems on class balance. Kung Fu Master seems over power and Force Master is difficult to win in battle in current PVP. I hope the newly released version of Blade & Soul can improve these questions and make PVP more interesting.]]>
Blade and Soulhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/10419_108_blade-and-soul_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/10419_108_blade-and-soul_news.htmlBlade and Soul is supposed to inspired by films Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger and House of Flying Daggers. It is an amazing martial arts genre which offers exciting action combat game play style. The world of Blade and Soul world is quite diverse and harmonized, which is designed by a renowned Korean artist famous for his work in video games and manga.

There are six classes in Blade and Soul, respectively are the lethal Blade Master, the flexible Force Master, the stealthy Assassin, the almighty Kung Fu Master, the axe-wielding Destroyer and the mysterious Summoner. Blade and Soul offers usual PvE, but as long as you join a faction, you can enter PvP combat.

Besides, Blade and Soul provides fast-paced combat. You can create diverse characters, detailed avatars, collectable outfits, an astonishing artistic style which makes Blade and Soul look different from other MMORPGs.

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Blade & Soul Pressure Point Guidehttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9414_108_bladesoul-pressure-point-guide_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9414_108_bladesoul-pressure-point-guide_news.htmlThis guide is to get some extra insight in what I know as the skill 'pressure point' . Pressure Point is supposed to be one of the most vital skills later on, but also one of the most obscure skill.

buy Blade and Soul gold

Pressure Point is sort of one-way stackable and unblockable skill. IF you failed to maintain it, you failed till cool down off again.

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You trigger it by dodging using iframe skills and also from X itself.
iframe skills are Q/E/3/SS/C/Z

Up to 4th stage - it always ignore def

Each stage give you 10 seconds duration each time you successful trigger it.
But effects ? Stack up to 4th stage, which 4th stage gives you the most important buff , +100% crit rate. At 1st/2nd/3rd only gives you crit value, not percentage, so not really noticeable. If you have 50% crit rate, yes you will 150% crit rate at 4th stage.

Downside is : Depends on the situation, some hardly to pull off especially in pvp.
You also have to DPS as fast as you can during in buff to maximize the damage in 10 seconds buff only

But as long you know mobs/bosses/enemy players patterns and knowledge each of it , its not impossible.

Really satisfying when you pull off flawlessly

For PVP version, it stun opponent.

Now in Patch 3.0, they made Pressure Point more vital by adding Searing Kick, that kick skill allow you reduce Pressure Point CD by 5 seconds each time you land Searing Kick.

Blade & Soul Destroyer Skill Build Guidehttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9406_108_bladesoul-destroyer-skill-build-guide_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9406_108_bladesoul-destroyer-skill-build-guide_news.htmlAfter leveling, it is a hard question to choose skills. With the more and more difficult dungeons and quests, learning some skills is of great importance. Below is the list that I figure out for Destroyers. If you want to buy Blade and Soul Gold, BladeSoulOnline.net can provides huge stock Blade & Soul gold.

1. To quickly decrease your opponents’ HP, you should train Clash and Grab. And before devastating attacks by enemies, use the Trample to end the battle.

2.When your enemies in Grab state, you can use Headbutt to deal damage to your target as it can down them in the progress. Also try to use Axe Toss to deal damage to both the monsters and the target after downing if there are monsters.

3.If you fail to cast another skill after Grab, the Target of Grab will be out of control.

4.In order to move close to ranged opponent quickly, use Cast Iron Cannon and then employ Axe Toss in Grab state.

5. Grab of destroyer is only be available to humanoid opponents. As it is ineffective to monsters enemies, it becomes a little difficult to counter them.

For more choices made in combat, you should pay attention to use of disables. Landing consecutively skills are quite useful in Blade Soul.

Hope this guide can be helpful for Destroyers!
Blade & Soul Dungeon Guide http://www.bladesoulonline.net/9403_108_bladesoul-dungeon-guide_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9403_108_bladesoul-dungeon-guide_news.htmlThis is a guide for Blade & Soul Dungeons. You can group up for challenging instanced content in game. You will be sent in to defeat a dungeon’s denizens from daily challenges, normal quests or a desire to get a rare element needed to improve your weapons’ power. Each dungeon in Blade & Soul is categorized by their overall difficulty like normal, challenging and heroic, which indicate how ell you have prepared and your group should be before entering.

Blade & Soul Gold

Standard 6-player dungeons offer a straightforward challenge for any group, but also allow for any number of players to enter. It is possible to complete a Normal or Challenging dungeon with fewer than 6 players’ party. Normally, a Heroic dungeon need a full party to complete.

Blade & Soul Gold

There are some max-level 4-player versions of some dungeons, which are more difficult mode and can only be gotten access by setting party to 4-player mode. Except for fewer players and increased difficulty, bosses can do more damage, have new mechanics which you can’t see in the normal 6-player version and have more health. In this mode, most indicators for enemy attacks are removed and it doesn’t allow players to resurrect using Dragonblood. However, it offers more chances for getting rare items and it contains some items which can’t be acquired from the normal mode.

Blade & Soul Gold Blade & Soul Gold

You can use the same-server Party Finder or just press ‘F7’ or through the Dragon Pillar in front of the dungeon entrance to know the players which player version they are in. Press ‘F8’ and you can jump into the Cross-sever Dungeon system. And then you will be taken into a new lobby where your character is shown among all your other party members. Any member of other people allows you to join. And you can use it to fill out any remaining slots. You can choose either 4 or 6 players to tackle. The system will automatically find other players within your region to the specific dungeon. You won’t leave the cross-server Dungeon lobby unless your group is formed. Then you will get full access to your server chat and the Party Finder.

buy Blade and Soul gold

Part II

Classes in Blade and soul has abilities to avoid damage, injure enemies and recover health. Success is up to each player’s personal ability to use the classes’ skills to their full potential rather than choose a specific role.

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In general, traversing a dungeon include swathes of standard enemies and you need to defeat to encounter a boss. The boss will unique mechanics to test the cooperation and coordination of the group. You can see warnings-telegraphs in the standard 6-player version of a dungeon.

buy Blade and Soul gold

When you see yellow telegraph, it meas the ability can be countered or blocked, and a red telegraph meas the ability can pierce skill-based defense, so you should get out of you way.

buy Blade and Soul gold

After defeating a boss, you can get the rewards of the gear and items they dropped. The items can be bid in a group. Every player in the group can bid for an item. Once an item is won by a member in the party, the amount of Blade & Soul Gold is stable among other group members. If no one bids, the item will be destroyed. In some cases, even if you don’t win the bid for a certain item, you can get a portion of their gold to improve your bidding power on items in the future.

Hope this guide can be helpful for Dungeons in Blade and Soul. You can buy Blade and Soul Gold from Bladesoulonline.net with fast delivery!]]>
Pros and Cons of Blade & Soulhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9398_108_pros-and-cons-of-bladesoul_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9398_108_pros-and-cons-of-bladesoul_news.htmlWith the newly releasing of Blade and Soul, I have tried this game again. I want to share some advantages and weak points. If you want to try this game, just have a look and share your comments.

blade and soul gold

1. Graphics are quite amazing
I think the graphics of Blade and Soul is one of the best graphics among all mmorpgs. Also, it is so good and hardly lags on my computer. I have played so many MMOs before, sometimes I need to lower the setting s to cater to their graphics as to make the same lag.

2.The character customization has various selections
The character customization of BNS is quite of my appetite as there are so many selections that makes me hard to choose. Since playing this game, I love to make characters and make various of them as well.

3.The combat and traveling skills is amazing.
The combat is quite good and I love the combos, the action and the strategy. I like action and I will not play a game if I have to stand there and shoot type game. Compared to TERA, the combat system is much more action.

The traveling skills has dragon, glide, steam and dash, etc. Compared to other MMOs, players don’t need mounts and I love the parkour scenes very much.

4.the NPCs have personalities.
The NPCs in Blade & Soul have personalities and they actually talk, which makes me have appetite to reading the quests, which I barely do in other mmos. In addition, it looks more adventurous.

5.the purple quests can teach players how to play your class.
There are purple quests in Blade & Soul to teach players how to play class. Most of the MMORPGs don’t do this and many players don’t know how to play their class till the end of the game, which makes me frustrated to party with them. Nevertheless, they go away afterlin level 12-13.

6.The power leveling is appropriate
Leveling up in Blade and Soul is not too hard or too easy so far, which makes players want to keep playing and don’t feel bored.

1.A specific item is needed for a simple task.
If you want to open a weapon, you may need charm. It makes me frustrated that I usually miss the item to do the action and I have to Buy Blade and Soul Gold to get it.
2.It is difficult to know how to enhance weapons.
Usually, I don’t whether I just get new weapons or just keep leveling up that weapon. I just hope there are officially guides to show how to do this.

3.It is hard to find a party for a dungeon
I spent hours to figuring out the LFG system and still don’t know how to make full use of it. And it is a headache to know how to use the marketplace.

4.It is hard to choose a crafting category.
Since this, I have spent many days to learn the crafting, and still don’t fully learned weill. It was so complicated choose a crafting category.

5.It is too expensive to pay for 7 seven character slots.
At the beginning of the game, players are only given to 2 character slots, and if you want more, you have to use Blade & Blade & Soul Gold to buy. It is really expensive.

6.It is hard to get all items for a simple task.
In Blade and Soul, there are some simple tasks, however, they need items which may not be bought from cash shop, which takes a lot of time!
Where to Farming Blade & Soul Gold for leveling Cap Blade Masterhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9396_108_where-to-farming-bladesoul-gold-for-leveling-cap-blade-master_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9396_108_where-to-farming-bladesoul-gold-for-leveling-cap-blade-master_news.htmlBlade & Soul Beta is now released! Many players want to know some good places for farming Blade and Soul Gold. Compared to Buy Blade and Soul Gold, farming by yourself is more interesting and good for knowing story plot, but it is time consuming. I want to point out some good places for Blade & Soul gold in this guide.

It is known that purple gem and a good weapon are necessary to the weapon. You can refer to below picture that is from fire beast and beside which is the crit Bo-Pae.

Is it necessary to have the set when we farm? No, Crit Bo-Pae will fasten farming speed and purple gem can heal on all critical hits. This is really a perfect combination.

Black Fortress
The dungeon will drop repair and ginseng tool .
The dungeon will drop ginseng and repair tool. And Iron key (8 silver), gold Bo - Pae (10 silver for Bo-Pae-7, more than 1 silver for green level one and 20 silver for Bo-Pae-8), Arcanum of the Earthen Necklace (1 gold and 40 silver) and Arcanum of the earring and Earthen Ring (20 silver).

Usually, it takes about 90 seconds to farm and you can get 1 Blade and Soul Gold and 80 silver.

Ease Cave
In Ease Cave, you are easily AOE minions and can get green 2 Bo-Pae, and 1 green weapon, which are both of 100% drop chance. Also, it will drop repair and ginseng tool.

Bo-Pae is worthy of 5 silver, 20 sliver for the earring and Arcanum of the Earthen Ring, and 8 silver for Iron Key.

Usually, it takes 80 seconds to farm the dungeon and can get 2 Blade and Soul Gold 20 silver.

Coastal Caves

Coastal Caves are dungeons where you can get 2 Bo-Pae, earrings, 4 weapons and fabrication book. Weapon and Bo-Pae are of 100% drop chance, and you have to be lucky enough to get the fabrication book and earrings. You can get the Big Rock’s Dust after weapon break down. It is worth 20-23 silver.

It needs 5 minutes to finish dungeon and you can get 50 silver and 2 Blade and Soul Gold

Gumian Tribe Lair

Gumian Tribe Lair can drop ginseng and repair tool. Gumian defense 10 silver for Bo-Pae-7 and 20 silver for Bo-Pae-8), Iron Key (8 silver),Earthen Holy Water (1 silver and 50 copper, you can collect 2), Arcanum of the Earthen Ring and earring (20 silver), Arcanum of the Earthen Necklace (1 gold and 40 silver), Bo - Pae (more than 1 silver for green level one, and unsealing rune (5 silver)

It usually takes 100 seconds to farm them and you can get 40 silver and 2 Blade and Soul Gold

Almost all items can be gained at Coastal Caves. Bo-Pae-7, Bo-Pae-8 and Arcanum of the Earthen Necklace in Black Fortress and Gumian Tribe Lair are quite expensive, but they are of low drop chance.

As effectiveness is the most important thing when farming, it is highly recommended you go to Ease Cave in Blade & Soul where many items dropped.

Hope this guide can be useful for your farming in Blade & Soul.

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Blade and Soul Soul Shield Guide

Blade and Soul Soul Shield Guidehttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9393_108_blade-and-soul-soul-shield-guide_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/9393_108_blade-and-soul-soul-shield-guide_news.htmlThis is a guide about Blade & Soul Shield. You can know shield names, and their location and level requirement.

Thousand Soul set from first roulette, graveyard area. Go to kill Jiangshi world boss for essences and you need reach level 6.

Demon set from Blackram Narrows. At level 18, youd better no farm as you may be not lucky enough with getting the weapon for evolution or getting the set.

Viridian set from merchant in Jadestone village. Need 8 Viridian valor stones. Requirement level 20.

Desert heroic set from merchant by the inn in the desert. Need 8 cinder land valor stones, requirement level 28.

Desert scorpion set from roulette outside of the inn. Go to kill Picky world boss for essences. Do not recommend farming. Requirement level 33.

Sacrificial set from Tomb of the Exiles, and this is the first real good set. It is highly recommend farming if you're close to getting it done after getting weapon evolution material. Ihaving extra materials, it is worth enchantingIt is useful all the way to level 45. Requirement level 36.

Lycan set from roulette in Lycandi Foothills. Go to kill Fallen sacred beast world boss for essences. Requirement level 37.

Moonwater set from merchant in Hogshead Hamlet. Need 8 Moonwater valor stones. Requirement level 41.

Profane set from roulette at bottom right area in Moonwater plains. Go to kill profane jiangshi world boss for essences. Requirement level 42.

At level 45, 4 different soul shields that you can farm to mix and match.

Dokumo set from Skittering Tunnels, high crit soul shield set.

Brightstone set from Brightstone ruins, balanced set with mixed stats.

Moonwater set from merchant in Hogshead hamlet. High health, mostly defensive. Requirement level 16. Moonwater valor stones for the entire set.

Moonwater Arena PvP set from PvP faction area in Misty Woods. Very high health, high crit. Need 160 insignias for the entire set.

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Master artisan association introduction in Blade and Soulhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6384_108_master-artisan-association-introduction-in-blade-and-soul_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6384_108_master-artisan-association-introduction-in-blade-and-soul_news.htmlGame introduction of character creationhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6362_108_game-introduction-of-character-creation_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6362_108_game-introduction-of-character-creation_news.html  You can choose the professions and races, modified character shape, create your own role. The servers are free to choose, but character can not move between servers, so if you want to play with friends, you’d better make sure the server first.

  1.Choose race and profession. A total of four races, 6 kinds of professions. Human, dragon, eldar and god four races, each race can choose different professional, a total of 6 kinds of professions. Refer to the relevant professional and ethnic characteristics and degree of difficulty, according to your own game styles, choose corresponding race.

  2. Modified role appearance: to this point, here will not take a detail introduction, you can refer to How to modify role appearance in Blade and Soul.

  3. Select the server and then name your character. Select the server, enter the name and then click the confirm, role has been created! After finishing the role profile settings, select the server, determine the role name, can create a character.

  4. Start the game. Select the generate role, click start the game!

  Now you see how to create a character. At the beginning of the game, if you want to play easier, you’d better buy some blade & soul gold first, so that you won’t fall too far behind others.

How to modify role appearance in Blade and Soulhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6354_108_how-to-modify-role-appearance-in-blade-and-soul_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6354_108_how-to-modify-role-appearance-in-blade-and-soul_news.html  After choose the race, occupation, gender, then you can modify the shape of your characters. If you are not interested in modifying role, you can choose your favorite character in the default appearance.

  If you want to take some detailed settings, you can modify to the eyes, nose, mouth, face, chin, wrinkles and others, create your dream role.

  There are basic and modified face, you adjust facial details, body details, etc all kinds of projects, please don’t miss the opportunity, be sure to create your favourite role.

  There are also content that players can set in the basic labels, you can take a closer look at each project, then make a detailed custom settings. In setting up detailed settings click the preset shape, under the condition of the contents of the set before will all disappear. This is quite important, you should pay attention to it.

  Click on random button, can set randomly selections. Click random button in the detailed settings TAB, you can get more diverse shapes.

  No two leaves are identical in the world, so do in Blade and Soul, there are no two characters are identical. If you want your character to be more unique, you can buy some Blade soul gold to get some unique skin or fashions.

Blade and Soul take advantage of bug to make moneyhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6346_108_blade-and-soul-take-advantage-of-bug-to-make-money_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6346_108_blade-and-soul-take-advantage-of-bug-to-make-money_news.html  On April 3, open lucky box, players only need to spend 500 can one. This box can open legend weapons need black dragon decorative boxes, had already done reports, causes the box prices plummet, before yesterday fell to 7000 gold, not open before this activity, most players in the market price is around 70000 gold.

  The truth about this BUG, according to reports coming from the players say when opening the box uses some methods about 100% can be open to the black dragon decoration box, so in April 3 to April 15, in just 12 days, this player by selling the black dragon box made of more than 2000 Korean won.

  According to reports coming from the players, the technique is roughly as follows: first of all is flash box is obtained by ordinary box open, because the flash box may appear black dragon decoration box and punching material such as props, if a material is usually 2, open the black dragon decoration box is one, so when the flash box to use this BUG at the instant of the opening box to get the parcel only 1 case, if it is the black dragon case and then open box is successful, if it is not open cases failed, because the parcel not enough space.

  Of course, this is share of players, is really the case is unclear, don’t take it seriously. In fact, this kind of speculation, really not recommend players to do, if you are in need of blade & soul gold, you can buy from us directly, which won’t cost you too much.

A key converging cooperation in Blade and Soulhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6344_108_a-key-converging-cooperation-in-blade-and-soul_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6344_108_a-key-converging-cooperation-in-blade-and-soul_news.html  Trigger the converging system will push you can match the skills of the current.

  While no matter what skills system push, you can according to the fixed one of the keys to release which you can set up yourself, according to the habits of a key converging attack, more simple and accurate.

  To be simple, that is you can use shift key combination to a converging attack, only the team players to receive. And only captain have permission to use this feature.

  Take swordsman as an example:

  Captain by [3] release under the section cut: BOSS appear green ghosting effect, players don’t have the converging hint, need according to their own judgment to match.

  Captain under the press release [Shift + 3] section cut: BOSS appear green ghosting effect, all the crew of the converging attack, launched a ground state and the system will be according to the state of the team to push the converging attack skills.

  The main difference is that the former has no limit, no matter by any means to trigger the converging attack tip; while the latter is more inclined to let the captain to command the converging attack coordination and rhythm.

  If you want to release the complete power of converging attack, you can buy some Blade soul gold to get the suitable items to cooperate.

Updates of the converging hint system in Blade and Soulhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6338_108_updates-of-the-converging-hint-system-in-blade-and-soul_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6338_108_updates-of-the-converging-hint-system-in-blade-and-soul_news.html  Converging attack is a feature of Blade and Soul, which is also in other unable to experience the game play of BOSS.

  But in the last two tests, we find that many players are not able to very good to enjoy the fun of converging attack, in order to facilitate the player responds to a converging attack in a short time operation, solve the new timing for the converging and play ambiguous problem.

  BOSS abnormal state:

  In previous versions, BOSS is hit by control skills, with a variety of colors of the ghosting and voice prompt.

  But the prompt will be difficult to identify when fighting scenes of chaos, at the same time can also cause obstacles for part of color-blind players. So we strengthened the converging attack on the blood of the BOSS of the tip, and the negative status of the caption.

  Intelligent push converging attack skills:

  If your current target state with negative resistance, and it’s now get a control skills, so this time, the system will automatically for you to match the current abilities that can be used to complete the converging attack, and in the middle of the screen to display a large number of icons to prompt.

  And cooling system can also be intelligent judgment you skills, energy, attitude and so on conditions, that is to say, only when you are all of the conditions of release time, skills, and will push for you.

  Make good use of the converging system, cooperate with top weapon, I’m sure, any BOSS is easy for you to deal with, but if you are lack of Blade and Soul gold, never mind, we will help you to get some with the cheapest price.

3v3 jousting tournament ranking list in Aprilhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6323_108_3v3-jousting-tournament-ranking-list-in-april_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6323_108_3v3-jousting-tournament-ranking-list-in-april_news.html  3 v3 is always more complicated than the 1 v1, the advantages and disadvantages of professional in a dogfight is not clearly, can say no matter what career has way out in 3 v3, tactics are also very important.

  To the team, there are relatively strong professionals, like force master, swordsman, summoner, spirit swordsman, other professional according to teammates can integrate a team very good.

  These three careers are in 3 v3 mode, the main occupation of 20 professional, team competition is sharp team configuration so it can be seen that generally has the three professional one.

  Inside the top 20, force master is very sharp, occupy the first, second, total 3 people.

  Summoners is the third, total 5 people.

  Spirit swordsman ranking the fourth and fifth, total 5 people.

  Boxer the best is 8, the total number is 6 people.

  The best assassin rank the 16th and only 1 person.

  Swordsman, kungfu master just like in 1 v1 mode, no great players into the top 20.

  Maybe swordsman should hurry to buy some Blade and Soul gold to get the legendary weapons, otherwise, how to catch up with other careers.

Blade and Soul jousting tournament April new ranking listhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6318_108_blade-and-soul-jousting-tournament-april-new-ranking-list_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6318_108_blade-and-soul-jousting-tournament-april-new-ranking-list_news.html  The Blade and Soul, the new season begins, and the integral reset again, you need to climb from 1500 again.

  First of all the 1 v1, 1 v1 at the start of new season, the PK strength professionals still strong, swordsman, kungfu master in the 1 v1 as always still low.

  Because this week is a new start of the season, the assassin climbing speed a bit slow, as can be seen from the play game, war times less, believe that after this week, next week and will be the world of assassin.

  For now, the top 10 spirit swordsman occupying the most seats, 10-20 assassins inside is more, these two career still occupied more than half the number, the other professional distribution more uniform.

  In addition, last week Blade and Soul open lucky chests to extract the black dragon decorative boxes, legend weapons of prices plummet, believe that can cause considerable influence contrast pattern of percussion instruments in Chinese operas, a legendary weapon can indeed bring of great help for PK.

  So if you want to take a place in the list, a good equipment is really important, if you are in need of Blade and Soul gold to buy one, you can refer to us for help.

  From the total score, the first only 2100 points, the season begins only a few days, so the score won’t be too high, and the events are not that many.

  In the top 20, boxer is the first, total 3 people.

  Summoners is the second, the total number of only 1 person.

  Spirit swordsman is the third, the total number of eight people.

  The assassin the best is rank 6, total 5 people.

  To the force master best achievement is 10, total 3 people.

  Swordsman, kungfu master is not into the top 20.

A new job will add in the new versionhttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6311_108_a-new-job-will-add-in-the-new-version_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6311_108_a-new-job-will-add-in-the-new-version_news.html  Blade and Soul gunner will come on stage.

  Today in Blade and Soul official website, update two original paintings. Although these two original paintings are good, but we can find some special points.

  The character model in the original painting is Lyn or Kun. The focus is on model’s hands, the weapon being grasped! This is obviously a gun or a spear modelling. There is no such a professional in Blade and Soul now. Contact with the Bai Qing mountains hot discussed all these several days, it seems not that difficult to imagine.

  When Blade and Soul update the Bai Qing mountains, will add a complete new career at the same time: gunner.

  This one there is nothing surprising, perhaps, this is just a joke, but still in touch with Bai Qing mountains, feeling that it should be a plot of NPC, the NPC will also come on stage in the new expansion.

  Do you want to have a try on the new career? I recommend you to buy some Blade Soul gold  first, without Blade soul gold you can seldom catch up with other players.

Red walls and maze intruder to eliminate light generation principlehttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6279_108_red-walls-and-maze-intruder-to-eliminate-light-generation-principle_news.htmlbladesoulonline.netbladesoulonline.netTue, 03 Aug 2021 12:19:04 GMThttp://www.bladesoulonline.net/6279_108_red-walls-and-maze-intruder-to-eliminate-light-generation-principle_news.html  Red walls would appear in about 50 seconds after the battle began periodically, every two times have the law that the wall will disappear.

  That’s to say, first and second red walls is four walls are generated, the third and fourth generates 3, 5 and 6 times will generate 2, seventh and eighth generates one, while the ninth won’t generate red walls, the BOSS begin to rage, and it is destroyed. Maze intruder to eliminate light initially from the beginning of the article 1, will add one when red walls disappear.

  From the first red walls become the starting point, red walls generates numerical sequence for the 4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1-0, opposite the light generated number in order for the 1-1-2-2-3-3-4.

  Dizzy state upon termination the tauren will summon the phantom and only use 5 [multiplier outbreak] skills upgrading their own damage. Tauren phantom will always stop behind the wall to touch the opposite direction. In addition, if mistakes attack to the tauren phantom, attacked the phantom will transition from linear to dash in the direction of attack their goals.

  Because is very not easy to avoid, the player must pay attention to avoid attack to the tauren phantom. If before failed to solve the tauren in the wild, it will be a call out 10 phantom in two direction.

  With this you can make the game easier, if you buy some blade & soul gold for some powerful weapon will make it nuch easier.